Saturday, June 9, 2007

Court Reporitng Video

Please copy and paste the link below to your search engine.

Then click on = National Court Reporters Association

Please enjoy the Carol Burnett funny Court Reporting Video

The court reporting machine Carol Burnett is using is the same type of machine I started to practice on. The video is from 1970, and yes, I still have the machine as my back-up.


Big Ed said...

Do I have to watch the video? I'm not a Caroll Burnett fan so, I'll just say your machine brings memories to people who used it since back when. I bet your new machine makes fun of it when you are not there. Your poor old machine, just sits there neglected.

Zeta said...

No, you do not have to watch the video; however, she is very funny and does what most court reporters would like to do or say. There is another funny video as well about court reporting called The Depo Trail. The court reporter pushes his equipment all over town following a trail of depositions. It's all in good fun and entertainment.