Monday, August 17, 2009

Sparks and a telephone call.............boom.

I have to shop on the weekends now that I have joined the ranks of full-time employment. Wow, I couldn’t believe how crowded BJ's Wholesale Club was on Sunday. As for the long lines, seems like such a waste of time. Next time, I'll carry my steno homework in the store to read while standing in a long line.

My new neighbors are very quiet and polite to everyone in the Kendall Hood. One of their two sons had a birthday yesterday which now called for a Birthday Party. They rented a bouncy toy fun house which stood tall full of blown air. While I was talking to Ranger on the phone, we heard boom, spark, boom, over and over again. Ranger asked me, "What are those sounds?" I told her "I'm not sure, let me check out the backyard.” The tall bouncy full of air fun house was causing the wires from FPL to send out white sparks and very loud sounds. Next, the bouncy house full of blown air was sitting in the front yard full of playing children. After a while of children playing safely, it started to rain.


ol Doc said...

Wow, if it had rained while the bounce house was arcing the wires - the birthday child could have become a wet crispy critter. Bet next time they'll look UP while inflating a fun house!

RANGER said...

It was really loud. It's a wonder that it didn't blow a breaker - at least in their house if not in the substation.

Bounce House-expensive, Bounce-House under electric wires-hazardous, Bounce House safely in front yard-priceless

Zeta said...

Yes, I looked inside the bouncy fun castle house to see if any children were inside. Yes, two boys. Dad came out and made them go into the house.
Priceless indeed. I thought about the incident later, and wondered how serious this situation could have ended up being.

Big Ed said...

Wow, I see those things all the time at Tropical Park.