Thursday, March 5, 2009

Is it cold enough yet? Where can I park my car?

Finally, warm weather. Mark's (son aka Mark III) who lives in Atlanta, told his Dad that they lost power for two days after they finished their telephone call. They just turned on the BBQ grill to cook their food and bundled up for two days. Sounds like Andrew minus the heat and add the freezing snow. Alicia said she would send pictures of their land with the snow over their property. I believe they lost power before she was able to send the pictures because, we have not received them yet. Oh my goodness.

Due to a Job Fair at the college I attend for court reporting, "no school today?" A line of 2,400 people applied for 50 positions at the cafeteria. Where did these people park their cars? Does the college have 2,400 spots? Did these people show up in groups of 500? I'll solve my curiosity next week when I return to class. The media announced the Job Fair which helped increase the number of people arriving for employment.

Rangermom, I've heard you have continued to enjoy your water splashing? Mark mentioned that when he called your home, the Toshiba was close at hand.

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RANGER said...

It was kind of him to call. I was sitting at the computer and just reached out for the phone. He asked if I had given the laptop a rest. No, I was still there . . .