Friday, January 23, 2009

Is it snowing yet?

How much cold weather can we handle? It was 32 degrees in Kendall yesterday morning. There was a thin layer of ice on top of both cars. I ran the car heater while driving to school wearing my leather jacket, gloves, cord pants, and closed toe shoes. Oh, how I wished my Long Johns that I had worn while visiting New York on a band trip where still in my closet. My hands did not want to move quickly as I was warming up for my steno test during class. I could only feel one side of my finger tips which was not the side used to hit the steno keys. Oh, oh.

The PT Cruiser battery does not like the cold weather either. We have to take the car back to Sears so they can give us a new battery while still under warranty of five years. We have 14 months left on the battery warranty. Yes, we even have the receipt. Breakfast first, then road trip to Sears tomorrow. Putt, putt, flash of battery, putt, putt, then dimming of lights. OK, we get the hint. Rest for now PT, you will see the Doctor in the morning.

Lake City low this evening will be 44.
Tropic City in Kendall this evening will be 54.
New York will be 32 this evening.
Atlanta low will be 35.
Records from I-phone.


RANGER said...

One (or at least I) can get cold enough that it doesn't matter what I put on so long as it is warm. Think bag lady at home, sort of.

Two pairs of trousers (one inside the other), a l/s tee shirt, l/s shirt, sweater with the hood up, jacket, sox plus knee highs, who knew?

My slippers are roomy enough that I might be able to put on two pairs of sox with them.

Big Ed said...

Think of it this way. You can wear your boots, and put on that slick leather jacket you never put on. There is a positive side to this. It makes life interesting. come on people can you feel the love.

Zeta said...

The five P's arrived to mind during my chilling walk to class. Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance. I'm are not used to weather falling below 50 or 60 degrees.

Zeta said...

Ops, I am not used to weather falling below 50 or 60 degrees.
I'm are, deprived of coffee.

ol Doc said...

Sometimes when it's reall cold - the brain tends to disconnect from the tongue and/or the finger-tips. I'm are sure of that!