Tuesday, November 4, 2008

1 2 3 4 5 no hanging chad here.

We went to see Kim in the hospital again, and she seems to have made a little progress. She visits her Doctors office today to see if her leg has healed enough to start her walking rehab. She is so homesick and afraid of missing the holidays with her family.

I decided to take a quick peek at the voting line around the corner 8:30 this morning as I drove home from class. The line was not long at all which surprised me. Many employers are letting people leave at 1 pm today so they can vote and still be on the time clock. That is probably when the lines are going to multiply by a few thousand.


RANGER said...

When I spoke with Kim, she mentioned hoping to come home for Christmas. She knows Thanksgiving is too close. She sounded so well and like herself. I hope she can come home then, too. Maybe they will allow her to make an afternoon visit if she is still under care.

Zeta said...

Our house is not wheel chair accessible due to the doors not being wide enough for a wheel chair to enter. When she starts to walk on crutches it will be easier; however, that is a long time from now.

Big Ed said...

We voted absentee, it was easier. I havn't waited in line for years now to vote.