Sunday, October 26, 2008

We have been visiting K. in the hospital.

M. sister broke her leg in the thigh area just above the knee. A surgeon placed a plate and four screws so she can start her healing process. She did very well during the surgery and thank you for keeping K. in your prayers. Many of you have mentioned this frequently and we told K. as well. All she wants to do is learn how to walk again so she can go home and start her life where she left off. We hung her get well cards on the wall again, because she was moved to a new room that is closer for her sessions. She has a couple IBIS's (Sebastian) sitting in her guest chair. Several UM outfits are in her closet to help keep her feel the spirit of the UM games. We took her a cup of hot chocolate from Starbucks which she enjoyed. She really enjoys receiving get-well cards to place on her wall of fame. There are activities everyday besides rehap. which is nice; however, she is homesick. Her enthusiasm and willingness to achieve her goals is what keeps all of us strong.

Thank you Ranger for the wonderful flowers and balloon. She had a big smile on her face when she received them.


RANGER said...

We are happy you were there when the flowers arrived. Will you, when you get a chance, email me her info so I can call her? Thanks.

Zeta said...

Ok I will email you the information. Thank you :)