Friday, October 17, 2008

Ranger to the rescue

Yesterday was a day called Bosses Day. I called RangerMom after contemplating at my desk how could have I miss this with an entire staff of office workers. As a huge favor for the night shift, RangerMom drove the the store and purchased a gift money debit card along with a Bosses Day card. Then she drove to my office to deliver the goods. Whew, were so thankful for the extra mile RangerMom went for us. We signed the card and walked in our bosses office and gave her the money card inside the bosses day card. She told us the money would be spent before she arrived home.


RANGER said...

Ranger was happy to help. (takes a modest bow) Plus, it got me out of the house which is always a positive benefit. ;>))

ol Doc said...

Ol Doc got a heads-up the evening before from one of the detectives she works with. I stopped on the way home and bought a honking-gi-normous card that played music really loud...You're So Great... over and over. The rest of the guys agreed to take him out to lunch at the first opportunity - when more of them are in the office. Ya' gotta love it.

Zeta said...

They gave him an IOU lunch. It has true meaning of good intentions.