Thursday, October 2, 2008

Happy happy joy joy.

My computer test was issued 7 am this morning for my Go With Word exam. After a travel mug of Starbucks, small on-the-go breakfast was prepared, I drove to M.D.C. to take my test. My mind was wondering if I studied enough while preparing to take the test. There were twelve numbers with four question attached to each number.
Now, 4 x 12 = 48 questions. After clicking the FINISH button you receive your grade immediately. My final grade was an A. Wow. This evening is another exam in my Steno Shorthand class. Hopefully, another A will be issued to complete the day with another happy happy joy joy.


RANGER said...

Talk about instant gratification: an A will do it every time. Well, perhaps not so instant considering all the studying you put in.

I hope you get a second A too. Let us know, okay?

ol Doc said...

Congrats - seems there was a hidden math agenda as well as the obvious test. Or else, that coffee caffein was working really well. Jived up the brain to hyperdrive. I love when that happens. Thinking outside the box often leads to AAAAAAAs.

Big Ed said...

Studying for the win, time goes by easier as you get good grades. Soon your hard earned efforts will pay off. A job well done, keep up the good work. Your study habits are paying off.