Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween haircut!

Thank you RangerMom for text messaging the phone number to Peter of London so other vehicles would not notice me using my iphone to look up the phone number from the Internet. The Internet requires more of my attention which could be a problem if I get distracted while driving. Just kidding. My hair cut appointment is at 1 pm today, and I am so excited because I can't wait to look normal again. My hair is out of control at the moment.

Trick-or-Treat give me something good to eat. Hopefully Pubix will lower their price of candy since this is the actual Halloween deadline to purchase sweets. Hum M&M's sound good, I mean for other people.


RANGER said...

You are so SMART to wait until today to bring such temptation into the house. We were so DUMB to have it come earlier.

And you're welcome. Text messaging numbers was not hard after I figured out to use the capital O for a zero and lower case L's for ones. Unless there is a better way?

Did you get the email from Peter of London? They are holding a cut-a-thon benefit for the Impossible Dream Foundation, on Nov 30th. i wonder if Marabel will take part?

Zeta said...

Wow, the email did not arrive to me. I will ask Marabel if she is going to attend the cut-a-thon for the Impossible Dream Foundation. Ops, let me check my email, I'll be right back.

Zeta said...

Well, I check AOL and BellSouth and the email was not there. Maybe I deleted it by accident.

As I drove home from Publix, I went by the voting area to check out the line. Pretty long. SOOoooo, in the morning M. and I are getting up early to vote. We are taking a mug of Starbucks with us too.

RANGER said...

Zeta, I forwarded the PoL email to both your accounts.

Zeta said...

Thank you! :)