Wednesday, October 29, 2008


OK, I confess, my heater is on this morning. Its 52'F outside which tropical folks do not appreciate when they wake up in the morning. Lets try to stay 60'F or above. The wind is not as strong as yesterday, plus the sunrise is beautiful today. Wonder if Aunt Doc01 and Uncle T. survived the cold without any problems. S. is probably wearing a long sleeve shirt today. He must have a built in heater tucked somewhere inside his body.

Good news, I past my computer test! It was such a mission. The practice test had one-hundred questions and only thirty-eight of the hundred are on the test. When I realized math problems would be on the test, I panicked. Oh no, I was promised no more math questions since I finished all of my math classes required for college. Sure, order of operations is easy, but combined with excel. Power Point is the last chapter which I am looking forward to.

Berrrrr... socks are comfy on my feet.


ol Doc said...

Congratulations are in order and are hereby extended! As my old Kindergarten teacher would'a said, "Good JOB!"

Unk. T & Aunt ol Doc survived the 28 degree and ice-all-over-the-known-world situation. Sunrise was gorgeous and made the roadsides sparkle. Still, a heated car is necessary. Very necessary. So is warm coffee!

Zeta said...

Oh, my goodness, 28 degrees. Um, I may have watched the sunrise from the window in the guest room before walking or even coffee. Or I may have sent M. for a cup of coffee. Glad to hear you and Uncle T survived the a very cold night.

RANGER said...

I really admire the bravery of those who venture outside early on a cold day.

Zeta deserves a huge no-sugar hot chocolate for showing that computer test who's the boss.

Since it was 28 degrees outside, ol Doc really needs one!