Friday, June 27, 2008

What a blast!

We are in Sarasota Florida and having a wonderful time. We arrived around 5:30 p.m. just barley catching the rush hour traffic. Our hotel for Friday night was located right next to a Horizon Outlet Mall. Yes, we went shoe shopping for the perfect shoes so I can make a good impression in the morning when I arrive at the Florida Court Reporters 2008 Mid-Conference. Shoes really do make the outfit just right.

This evening, we had dinner at a fantastic restaurant called Anna Marie Oysters. The restaurant ambiance was on the water with tiki torches surrounding the tables. Streams of white lights were wrapped around the coconut trees. The Maui Maui selection I ate had a mango sauce that was ssssooo good. The menu had so many selections which did not even count the daily specials.

Pictures will be posted for Saturday. Sometimes, you are having such a great time; pictures are not on the mind.

Side to Ranger. The lady who helped me with my shoes asked me about Last Chance! My mind thoughts were "WHAT! OUR SECRET IS OUT! How did this happen, we are not even in Miami." Her husband was visiting Miami and heard about our store. Since she was so nice and helped me find two pairs of shows, we gave her directions for her husband.


Big Ed said...

When I buy shoes, I might buy two pairs. For when one gives out and I really liked them. I have another pair. Therefore, I am rarely buying shoes. Just a thought.

RANGER said...

Big Ed buys shoes like a guy. Go figure.

Zeta,I believe you were using your generous heart in directing someone to Last Chance. But, thank Heaven you did not post the directions here on your blog. Discretion is the better part of bargain hunting shoes, no? Something like keeping your favorite fishing holes to yourself.

Glad you are enjoying everything.

ol Doc said...

Last Chance? Vat iz zees Last Chance you zpeek of!

Zeta said...

Oh, oh, ok we sharz wi u.