Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Counting the days.

We will be heading to the 2008 Mid-Year Conference for the Florida Court Reporters Association in two weeks. My C.R. Mentor told me gas cards are going be given as prizes. At $3.99 a gallon for regular, why not. By the time I post, gas prises will increase again. She is guiding all the students at the convention with much enthusiasm. She was cute when she wrote to me not to worry, she will find me at the gathering. The meetings are taking place at the Hyatt Sarasota, beautiful resort. Finally, I can talk shop to other reporters who are working in the field. I've been asked many times, "Are you interested in CART?" My answer is always yes. A big goal, but why not try anyway.

M. and E. had a great time in Disney. They did run into heavy rain on their drive to Orlando while on the turnpike. They enjoyed roller coaster rides and heights is not a problem either.


RANGER said...

I will be on "kitty, kitty" duty, as needed. They are so cute, looking up expectantly.

ol Doc said...

Wow, what a nice prize. In the light of current gas prices - your winning a gas card could be like winning a gold ring on the merry go round. We're having a drawing for a 100.00 gas card with the softball team. You'd better believe, I got 2 tickets for that! Also, the local convenience store is taking pictures of cars parked in their lot and then if your tag runs in the Friday paper and you get to the paper office by Friday of the next week, you win $50. in gas. I check that one regularly, too! Have a great time at your conference

Big Ed said...

I thought gas prices would go up every day too. Yesterday, I bought forty bucks worth of gas at 4 dollars and 8 cents. Today, I gassed up another car and the gas was 4 dollars and 4 cents, a half of a tank of gas difference, wow. Gas is a guess as to when to buy gas. I guess gas will be seven dollars a gallon next year. I can't buy gas now for later, oh well.