Wednesday, May 14, 2008

More pics

There are 229 steps to the top of the light house. There are landings between each level of steps so people can catch there breath. The Light House keepers had to have strong arms to the the thirty-pounds of oil to the top in a tall oil can.

We found two StarBucks near Old Town St. Augustine. Flagler College can be seen in the background behind me. There is a StarBucks accross the street from the Kendall Miami Dade College campus, but not the North Miami Dade College campus I attend. The fees for Flagler College are step according to a AT&T phoneman we spoke with. Behind M. is the Flagler Museum which also has a Starbusks coffee shop.


ol Doc said...

How about those lighthouse steps! Did you climb each and every one or did you skip-a-step as you and M. raced each other to the top! :)

I love the Starbucks pictures. Y'all look so a-w-a-ke in them.

Zeta said...

Yes, we climbed each of them without skipping a single step. The bike rides, glucosamie, and chondroitin have allowed me to be more active over the past year. The Starbuck pictures were taken 4:40 pm which is why we look to awake.

RANGER said...

The lighthouse steps look like a work of art, perhaps entitled Vertigo.

ol Doc said...

I will say these steps are easier to look up into than,say - looking down from.

This is from a vertigo sufferer who only found out about it after climbing the Cape Florida Lighthouse stairs and stepping onto the catwalk around the light platform... can you say DIZZY