Sunday, March 30, 2008

The Morans won first place for Muscle Car. Congratulations!

The Morans won first place at the Speedway Car Show for Best Muscle Car. They are friends of ours and the car is a 1970 Plymouth CUDA Mobar. Mr. Moran also works with Mark in a different grew, same company. He worked on this car in his garage for many years and what a beautiful job, well detailed. They also received a check which will help pay a few expenses. Mr. Moran is sitting in his chair talking on his Razor watching over his baby. Oh, how I wish I had taken a picture of his wife who is a wonderful person. The purple and while car looks cool, and for those Southwest Miami Senor High School fans, look at this.


RANGER said...

01 doc had a 'Cuda, yars 'n yars ago.
Nr. Moran looks pleased, to say the least.

But the graphics on the purple and silver car? The one on the exterior of it? That graphic looks like a diagram of a branching blood vessel. Sorry SW alumnae. That's what it looks like, to me.

ol Doc said...

ol Doc still misses that 'Cuda. It drove like a dream and I brought home the first Christmas Tree I ever bought in that car. When last seen, it was being painted Candy-Apple Red on the lot where I traded for a 70 Duster. Brown. Didn't have the cash on hand to repair the Cuda but did have the monthly payment. Guy wouldn't sell me a Hemi-Cuda which I also saw in the showroom and fell in love with. He said it was too much car for me. Chauvenist! Now-a-days I'd have a lawsuit for his refusal to sell.

Zeta said...

True, true. Danika Patrick would agree with you, car number 7 IRL.