Sunday, March 30, 2008

The silver car looks like a test drive would be fun. The silver and purple paint changed color when you walker around the car. Mark took the picture of he car through the fence during practice which is a few days before the race. The shots of the empty stands are unusual looking. Notice the red PT Cruiser? The vehicle didn't have turbo or any extra bells and whistles. This made me wonder about our PT Cruiser and the few extras we have this car didn't have.

Side to BigEd. An insulated water bottle and bicycle gloves were purchased by me at the bike repair shop in US1. Looking forward to our bike ride on Thursday. The bike helmet was $120.00 and since I need two of them, I’ll shop around for a better price.

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Big Ed said...

Somewhere on US1 I got my helmet for fifteen dollars. Most of the Bike shops have only graffiti kind of helmets so they're a little expensive. I need gloves though; I'm out of fashion I see. I'll have to be trendy somehow.