Friday, January 11, 2008

Steno for 2008

College classes started this week bringing more cars to I95, 836, Palmetto, and the Turnpike. Forty-five minutes to an hour is the usual time it takes me to drive to Miami Dade College North Campus. An hour and thirty minutes was the amount of time spent in my car driving to school on Wednesday due to a four car fender pender. That is the grand prize for tail-gating just in case nobody was aware of that.

Biged is going to gain another year of wisdom on Sunday, January 13, 2008. Happy Early Birthday!

When Elissa returned to her band classroom after the wedding, she discovered the room looked the same before she left for the big event. She requested a substitute teacher to fill-in while she was becoming a beautiful bride. She wasn’t sure what condition the band room would be in when she returned to the classroom. Band students should respect their leader since she is the key to their future. Steve and Elissa purchased two desks for their office earlier this week. Assembly required for the weekend.


ol Doc said...

Ref. tailgating and rear-ending someone - did you hear about the multiple car crash in Polk County - due to fog and smoke from a controlled burn that got away in the Forest, between 50 and 70 cars crunched into each other. Can you say "insurance increase?"

Glad Elissa found her room in such great condition when she got back to work - I bet her students appreciate her teaching and musical talents!

Will some assembly be accompanied by some big-screen-tv-watching?

Ranger said...

It takes a while to get everything moved, assembled, and installed, doesn't it? You and M are patient, so that is good fortune ...

Zeta said...

93.1 announced the accident on my car radio in reference to the seventy cars caught in the fog while unable to see while attempting to drive. The Polk County Hospital ER employees were moving quickly that day. INSURANCE INCREASE now in effect.

One of the desks is almost complete while the second has been placed on the to-do-list. My Dad told me such a list needed to be created when I bought my house twenty-years ago. The list does not seem to down size on items to-be-done due to new items added. Big-screen-tv-watching required with assembly along with ribs Mom made that day to take home to E. S. borrowed tools so he could also hang curtain rods which are also on his to-do-list.