Monday, January 14, 2008

Back to school.

Tonight’s class was challenging which is exactly what future court reporters need. Jury Charge was interesting while sometimes repetitive. They lawyers want to make sure each and every juror understands what they are saying.

Not guilty. Beyond a reasonable doubt. Preponderance of evidence. Armed robbery. Beyond any reasonable. Beyond all reasonable. “If a lawyer does not respond to you in the hallway, he is not being rude; he just can’t talk to you about the case.” That statement is actually in one of my jury charges from last semester. Good Morning too. Where’s the southern hospitality?

Thank you Ranger for the O.B. gift card and Anniversary greeting card. :>

Another cold front is on its way which means grab the sweaters and gloves.


ranger said...

And jackets. Jacket weather on the way, no? You are very welcome and enjoy!

Big Ed said...

The cold front will last a few days. I don't have enough clothes for winter if the cold lasted all summer.

ol Doc said...

LOL, Big Ed - somehow I think of Al-Gore when I think of Winter lasting all Summer!