Friday, November 9, 2007

Breakfast on fancy blue.

When I went to Publix last night, I forgot to buy paper plates so plan B went into effect of using my cobalt dishes for the cats. The weight of the cobalt plate keeps them from chasing the food all over the porch. Heheh. After I started to complain about her movement; she was stood still while I took the picture. Her eyes can be seen from across the yard due to their brightness. She also meowed at me very softly when I walked outside the feed them breakfast. Oh oh, is she going to be a cat who wants to eat as quickly as possible, or was she glad to see me? The first two pictures are items I purchased at Last Chance.


ranger said...

Last Chance is da bomb. You sure did get some great stuff.

That soft eyed look from the kitty is so sweet. She is talking to you now so you and she are on a first name basis, no?

Zeta said...

Yes, but I'm not sure what name to choose for her. Zoro is the name Mark choose for the other kitty with the black face.

Big Ed said...

Women and their shoes.

The next step is to invite them in the house and lock the door.