Thursday, November 8, 2007

How many visitors do we have for dinner?

The weather has been wonderful all week with 61'F as the morning average. FPL is now making less money from all our homes with our AC's not running. Yes, thank goodness for that.

When I returned home from class last night, the black and white cats brought visitors home to eat as well. There were three kittens looking back at me when I opened the side door to bring the food. Plus, there was a huge gray cat sitting in the background allowing the kittens to eat first. She must have been Mom since she was willing to give up her portion. That makes a count of six in total and oh boy. This morning we were back down to the two original black and white cats which is normal.


ranger said...

Oh, wow. One wonders how the original cat told its twin and how the others got the word, too.

I wish money multiplied like your little friends did. Come to think about it, I guess it does for some people.

ol Doc said...

Wonder if the other 4 cats heard the original B&Ws discussing the bounty at your place and decided to check it out? Isn't it kind of nice when wild things decide to trust a bit?

Zeta said...

Yes, the thought of trust did cross my mind. They like to run back and forth while waiting for the food to be placed on the porch.