Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Back to our regular schedule.

The Amtrak train was an awesome ride up and back especially while eating a meal by large windows in the lounge car. Our train arrived to Jacksonville was forty-minutes late and the train back to Miami was an hour early. My Dad told me Amtrak allows extra time with each train trip in case the time schedule does fall behind. It was great sitting back and watching the window views of each area such as Winter Park or Church Street Station in Orlando.

It was nice seeing Grandmom and the rest of the family while enjoying her eighty-fifth birthday.


ol Doc said...

You have some way-cool shots of the train - remember Lil' Abner comics where "Joe Pfblyznk" always had this little black cloud that followed him around every place he went? Was your train kind of like that?

Zeta said...

The little black cloud followed the Amtrak train from Delray Beach to Miami. We weren’t wearing floppy hats so we had a little more luck with the rain that Joe would have had.

S. and E. picked us up from the train station and it started to rain right after we placed the luggage in back of the PT Cruiser. That was a close one since we didn’t have any umbrellas with us at that moment.

RANGER said...

We enjoyed the company and the coffee, while we were away.

I am envious of the train ride. I haven't ridden in one since I was eleven years old. You do the math, but don't say it out loud :)

Big Ed said...

That's a hundred years since you last rode the train. My goodness, been a half century plus half that since I rode the train myself. LOL, next time it is Amtrack for sure. At least, I would like to think so. It rained a little on the way up driving. It didn't rain on the way home though. I didnt have coffee, I had white tea, thank you very much, and enjoyed it too.

Zeta said...

Big ed, did you write one-hundred years? Oh, oh.

Your math is just a little off my by by fifty years or so. Maybe this doesn't help our calculations for Ranger. Math never was my best subject. Your very good with numbers; however, this is just your sis getting you in a little trouble.

RANGER said...

According to Big E, 1849 would be about right. Hmph.