Thursday, August 30, 2007

Steno class, allergy to something.

The first day of class was a nice experience, I survived without crying. Just kidding. There are 12 court reporter newbie’s in Steno Class 1. As the new students walked out the door, we started taking bets on who will survive. We can be bad sometimes, in good fun. After the professor dictates to the class, we have to read back out loud to show we are paying attention and can actually type what we hear. It can be embarrassing if you drop a sentence here and there. Last night I was lucky and only dropped a word now and then at 100 wpm. My steno machine will be attached to my hip this semester and will follow me wherever I go. Me and my shadow.

Today is the first day I feel normal due to an allergy reaction to something according to my Dr. After six days of being sick, it only took two hours to start feeling better after I took my meds prescribed by my physician. She even gave me meds in her office so I could take them before I drove home. She is a miracle worker. Thank you Ranger and M.(my hubby) for advising me to see the Doctor. A novel idea.


Big Ed said...

This is the end, my beautiful friend, the end. As in the words of a Doors song I’m going away. Today is my last post for a while. Remember, any words you say behind my back I’ll know in five or six days. Depending on how much email I get. Take care, Ciao, Best Regards, Bye.

ol Doc said...

Betting on a school function? What a cool way to make the time go and maybe make a buck or two to go shoe shopping. How do you think the new guys will do - leave sooner rather than later?

Glad the meds. are working. Allergies are awful things and can make you feel so puny in just about no time at-all. And you think you'll feel better soon, so why bother the doctor....