Friday, August 17, 2007

Finally the pictures.

The stars all lined up last night and walla, the pictures. I tried using Macromedia Firefox MX to fix the squeezed picture and it just wouldn't transfer the smaller image. The house computer guru is at work earning money for his future. An office collection was gathered in order to purchase the presents for Zoe. She is due by August 29th, plus as long as the hurricanes keep at bay, she will be happy.

Just two more weeks until school starts and it is wonderful to just breathe without rushing to a certain obligation. Zoom, Zoom, ok time to get gas again.


RANGER said...

It looks like a lovely shower. Zoe must be so happy to have everyone gathered together in her honor. The cake was awesome. One bite, huh? If someone handed me a whole slice, oh boy: scarf, scarf.

ol Doc said...

Still, it's a good shot and we wish the mommy-to-be all the best when baby arrives.