Monday, August 13, 2007

BBQ, Channel, and pictures are still MIA.

This evening will be my third attempt to bring home baby-shower pictures from last week. On Friday, I forgot my memory stick which was on the kitchen table next to my camera. This may be a good time for me to stop putting items on the kitchen table I plan to take to work....

We went to a BBQ dinner on Sunday and we cooked Broccoli Casserole which was a big hit. Thank you Ranger; for handing down the recipe to me. The home owner has a hairless black and white cat named Channel. Channel seemed to be very cool as she walked around the home wandering when everyone was going to leave so she could have her house back. The kitty would find a cool spot on the white tile and take naps as we watched her sleep while eating our food. As I was walking out the door from the BBQ gathering, I noticed Channel by the pool asleep in private.


RANGER said...

You are better at it than I am, nowadays. Yours is sooo yummy.

A cat with no hair is just about the only thing that is comfortable in this warm weather, no?

ol Doc said...

Is this one of those things that is so ugly it is cute? I sure hope so!

Zeta said...

To Ranger,
Hum, I think both of ours taste very good; you are my adviser of this recipe. Maybe, the dish tastes better when the broccoli casserole appears as a surprise.

To Aunt Doc 01
Yes, Channel is cute and a little furry. A few strands of hair appear on her body very lightly. They also have two Chinese Crested dogs who live with Channel.

Big Ed said...

I do like your Broccoli Casserole. I wish I could have it more often than just during Christmas.