Friday, July 27, 2007

Shhhh, these are secrets.

My cuz who lives in AL had an idea from a girl in Kansas about posting eight secrets. Here are mine and Tag, Your IT.

1) When nobody is watching, I don’t like to recycle plastic bottles. Oh, this is bad. The recycle bin is past the laundry room and outside the back door. Sometimes I just don’t feel like walking in the wash room and outside. Most of the time, I do recycle except when I am feeling lazy.

2) I do not always drive to the cheapest gas station to buy gas. Sometimes, a short drive out ways the price of gas.

3) Even though I am a diabetic, Snickers candy bars are a weakness of mine.

4) Shopping for shoes and buying more than I need at a great sale, is just great fun or PRICELESS.

5) I received an A for my last semester Steno class and did not tell any other court reporting students.

6) I like to sing to Evanescence when driving in my car and hit the high notes when nobody else is listening. She has a wonderful singing voice.

7) I plan to loose 10 pounds by S. and E wedding so I can look great for my son and future daughter.

8) I like to take a Pilates and Yoga class when I should be someplace else.


ol Doc said...

I agree on the recycling. We don't even own green bins. I try to buy Wally-World gas 'cause they give 3-cents off. Sometimes I will use Sean Express and they don't give anything off.

Try Frozen Snickers. It kills the sugar. (I lied, but they still taste good)

Big Ed said...

Snickers FTW!! I find people don't go out of the way to buy gas at the cheaper stations. Half the time people buy gas where ever. We shall see what kind of weight I lose for S and E's wedding since I am on a see food diet. I see food, I eat food.

RANGER said...

Tag? We are playing tag? How high shall I count ... oh, never mind.

I'll do it, oh, tomorrow. I have to winnow it down to eight things.