Monday, June 4, 2007

Go, go, go go, zoom zoom

The plumbing was repaired on Thursday, and then I went to work. Friday, I went grocery shopping, completed paperwork for the bank, and then I went to work. Saturday we went to breakfast, Last Chance, Publix (a small list) plus finished the laundry. Sunday, we went to Starbucks, BJ's Wholesale Club, K-Mart, Wild Oats, and cooked BBQ ribs. Monday, practice for steno test, off to work then school. How can I slow down the pace of what needs to be accomplished?


Big Ed said...

There is no rest for the wicked. You must do as most Americans do and live to work as opposed to work to live. Then again, you could just retire. Find a way to earn income sitting down like winning the lottery and relax. It never hurts to dream.

Zeta said...

Thank you big ed, you are correct. If won the lotto, there would be plenty of rest for all of us.