Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Festive four days

Saturday was a day of organizing the house and watching the evening movie of Pirates of the Caribbean, At Worlds End. The three hour movie flew by so quickly, left many movie patrons wanting more film to view. There will be a fourth movie, no doubt about that.
Sunday (M. my hubby) plus his brother D. (twin brother) his wife joined us at Miami Yacht Club for lunch and a family visit. Next, we went back our house for a chicken BBQ dinner.
Monday morning, I cooked bacon eggs, & grits for our guests, and we had a very nice chat. After our guests left, I went back inside the house and walked back into the kitchen; realized the floor had about an inch of H20. Oh oh.
Tuesday morning, I called a plumber who will be visiting us Thursday morning to withdraw the clog and money from my checking account. Thank you Ranger; for recommending a plumber which will allow the house to function normal again. Tuesday evening we went to M. sisters wedding and she gave her hubby a nice bite of cake all over your face, icing included.
Wednesday morning, life returns to a set schedule. Zoom zoom.


Ranger said...

Wasn't it polite of the H2O to wait until the guests had left?

Not only did it wait, but it made its escape from the pipes while someone was there to discover what it had done!

I sincerely hope the plumber will be as circumspect when making his claim on your bank account. He was good to us, in that respect.

Cake. Hmm. I wish I could submerge my face in chocolate.

Big Ed said...

Not everyone likes eggs and grits. I love the stuff, I guess that makes me southern. The plumber did wonders to our pipes.

ol Doc said...

Aside to Big E. I used to think Chocolate did wonders for the pipes. - Sorry about the water on the floor. Don't you hate when that happens? Usually it's our hot water heater that blows its top.