Thursday, June 14, 2007

100 words per minute PASS

Yesterday, my office phone was placed at my correct cubical station and my computer was repaired. I felt like a new office worker with all of my station equipment working at the same time in the same place.

As a bonus, when I arrived to class that same day, 100 words per minute had nice PASS on my steno test. Yahoo, I may actually get to 225 by the end of next year.

The drive on Monday to school was a bit difficult because I kept worrying about the hail breaking my vehicle windshield. The hail was loud as it bounced off the car and it was raining sideways. Many drivers pulled over due to visibility and concern about tornadoes. Onward to school I went because it is the last part of my semester and most college students cannot miss their finals. Crazy as this may sound, this is how determined I am to complete my goal of 225. No hail, rain, snow, nor tornados will keep me from school as long as class is not cancelled.


Big Ed said...

225 wpm is impressive. You sound like you doubted your abilities. Do not doubt your abilities. You will make it to 225 wpm. I would go to class if there was a hurricane. As an experienced student, the more class gets cancelled, the more the material builds up that you have to study. Nothing gets erased off the schedule of learning. A cancelled class means more to study. Yes, go to school in a hail storm. You'll only have the car for what, seven more years. Your education is final.

Zeta said...

Wow, big ed, your words of encouragement are wonderful.

ol Doc said...

100 wpm is impressive - 225 is mostly awesome and we know you'll do that, too! Listen to Big E - advice from a "been there, done that" is valuable. If the hailstones are larger than a golf ball, pull over under the expressway and wait until they go down to dime size!

Ranger said...

Encouragement is coming from all quarters, including this one. A year ago, 100 wpm seemed like a goal that was so far away. Now look at you!