Saturday, May 19, 2007


Today, a Starbucks card arrived with the following information:

Because you're a loyal registered Starbucks Card holder, we're giving you a little gift. $5 loaded onto your Starbucks card by May 17, 2007.

Use the $5 to treat yourself to that indulgent beverage you've always wanted or try anything else you enjoy at Starbucks.

The choice is yours. Thank you and enjoy.

Loaded onto your card ending in ????.

Now I'm thinking after this post, I need to take to drive to.....bye....zoom zoom


ol Doc said...

"Our" Starbucks is taking shape at Gleason Mall on US-90. It has all these metal studs jutting into the sky. It looks like a 2 story building but I'm thinking that can't be. Can it? Do you have to fill out a request to get your card or just be a frequent customer at the store. I'm planning to stop by in the mornings on the way to work, leaving the house a bit early and making an extended loop west to the corner of the mall and then through the parking lot to the drive through line. Afterward, I can go back through the mall to a light where you can exit eastbound. The lengths we go to to get that caffiene running through the system! This coffee better be worth the extra gyrations!

Zeta said...

Aunt ol Doc, it is definitely worth the extra gyrations. I was just a frequent customer who likes the sugar free banana cake, and a tall latte with one splenda. Sometimes I’ll order a cup of coffee and sit outside to relax. Occasionally, I’ll use the drive-up window to save time when going to the Wild Oats grocery store. As a courtesy, they will even add the splenda to my coffee which is a nice touch. They were able to track my spending habits by my gift cards which where registered on-line. By registering the cards on-line allowed me not to lose the money incase I lost the cards or they were stolen. Customers can even add more money to any Starbucks gift cards to reuse at their leisure. When I order coffee from the hospital were I work part-time while in school, they refuse to add the splenda for me while directing me to the sugar table. The coffee stand at the hospital is called La Te Da and is owned by an individual who thinks Starbucks won’t move in one day. There is a rumor that Starbucks is moving in once the cafeteria is up-dated. One of our close facilities “Baptist Hospital” has already allowed Starbucks to move in and it is wonderful.

Ranger said...

The last time I was in the Medical Arts Building at Baptist, I assumed it was still Au Bon Pain in the arcade.

I will take a closer look, and enjoy a tall one if it has been changed to the good stuff.