Friday, May 18, 2007

My favorite time of day.

This picture was taken by me at the pier where the cruse ships take off at Keywest near the Hilton Hotel. All I could hear was the clicking of cameras taking pictures as the sun started to disappear. The pier still offers free shows, but the organizers of the Keywest Council changed the entertainment to be more professional.
Margaretville is one of my favorite restaurants in Keywest.


Ranger said...

That is a beautiful view of the sungoing down. It is like a professional shot.

ol Doc said...

Wow, gorgeous sunset and such a peaceful feeling. Jimmy Buffett (one t or two, not sure>>>) catered a thank you meal for the firefighters in Columbia Co. for all their assistance rendered to the citizens while here to battle the blaze. His ocala Margaritaville Cafe pulled it all together in 3 days after he said he wanted it to happen. Wasn't that a nice thing!

Zeta said...

Wow, yes it was. He also donated money to the children's charities in Keywest by selling plastic gray wrist bands from his magazine.