Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Sunday Shopping

We went shopping on Sunday at the Swap Shop Flea Market, and found this bowl for only $4. The lady who sold me this bowl didn't know much about cobalt glass which was fine be me. The Swap Shop was set up similar as the Tropicare Drive-In used to be which was located on Bird Road. There was a Farmers Market of fresh fruit, showroom of the owners collective sport cars, and items I didn’t realize existed anymore. After shopping we went to Krytstals for lunch and had hamburgers similar to the ones Royal Castle used to sell.

The Glucosamine and Chondroitin pills I have been taking for my knees over the past several months, allowed me to walk the Swap Shop without any pain. What a relief that the pills are really working, and I can now start joining society again walking longer distances than I am used to.

For your viewing, here is a link to the Swap Shop.
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Zeta said...


Big Ed said...

I haven’t been to the swap shop in years. I figure they have replicated stereos or counterfeit whatnot. However, I did buy a belt from the swap meet that once was at Bird Road when I was eighteen. Funny, I need a belt right now.

Ol Doc said...

I've never been to the Swap Shop but recall hearing about it when we lived in SoFla. I think Unk. Tommy shopped there a time or two.

Up in NoCentralFla, there's a huge Flea Market in Alachua - lots of folks make the trip to shop it. We also have a smaller flea market at the fairgrounds in Columbia County. Tom often gets bananas there or sometimes tomatoes. He also picks up his belts at one of the stalls here. Would Ed like him to look for something?

And we now boast a Farmer's Market downtown that's open every Friday where one can go and pick over and pick up fresh produce.

Ranger is said...

How about Norman Brothers? Not a swap meet but pretty good produce. No belts, though.