Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Looking for Mr. Good Car:

We are waiting for a friend who owns a business of finding vehicles at the customer’s request to search for the perfect car for us. How much, what style, color, leather, horsepower, cylinders, and so on. Mark grew up with him in the Bird Road stomping ground area which is not to far from SunTrust Bank a.k.a. SunBust Bank. When we bought the P.T. Cruiser, (please see picture) we knew exactly what we wanted which was great. Now we are undecided, and have requested that he call us when he finds a good deal. The Credit Union approved our loan, and would like to mail a check to someone. I would like: laugh, Crossfire, oh, to much money $$$$ nice car though. The P.T Cruiser came with turbo which was a nice surprise. I love the pick-up which you do need if you plan to drive with the Miami IRL wanna-be-drivers. Does anybody have a favorite vehicle between $15 and $17,000.00?


Susan said...

I LOVE the new Mazda CX-7 but it runs about $24,000. :(

Ranger said...

Anyone notice that the bowl and the car are pretty much the same color? Pretty, pretty.

ol doc said...

Ever since we rented one from Hertz, I have wanted a Cadillac - the one with the leather seats and individually controlled AC temps so we can be the hot or cold or in between we wanna-be. With the turn signals that blink on the outboard side mirrors - radio that seeks the kind of radio programming you prefer for the area you're driving thru - seat controls that let you incline, glide to all positions or sit bolt upright at the merest touch of a switch... running lights.... and 4 doors. After a trip, you can exit the vehicle and walk upright, not all hunched over like a caveman looking at the ground for the Geico Gecko.

Then again, that Lexus that parks itself looks kind of interesting!

Zeta said...

The Mazda CX-7 is a nice car. There are several of them driving around our neighborhood; they seem to be a lot of fun to drive.
The Cadillac is a nice car as well. Comfort is a plus on long trips.