Sunday, June 6, 2010

Why is there ice on the stove top, how did it get there?

Small amounts of hail bounced off the roof though a small vent opening and on to the flat surface of my stove top while I was in class. Mark took pictures so I could see the golf size ice melting on the stove. He is working today so I’ll have to post the pictures another time. At first I thought he meant the stove vent fell on top of the stove top due to the weight. Whew. His text wasn’t very clear and I left class early to drive home and check out the damage. Thank goodness it was just a text misunderstanding.
We went to Deli Lane on Saturday for a relaxing breakfast. I managed not to spill an ounce of coffee on myself this visit. We found front row parking before 9 AM so were didn’t have to put quarters in the meter for about 45-minutes. The fee for not placing money in the meter at 9:01 AM is $18. Now how do I know the fee for a sixty-second delay of not placing your money in the meter is $18? One time and only once did this happen to us. The ticket writers have the car tag information pre-typed in their ticket machines just a few minutes before 9 AM. Once 9:01 AM hits, you are now officially an owner of an $18 ticket. Putt, putt, away in their golf cart they go; zoom…… zoom….. to the next victim.


RANGER said...

Evidently, the spill-on-yourself action is genetically programmed into us. I spilled a half a glass of diet soda on myself in Orange Park. At lunch. In publc. I was wearing black pants and black tee-shirt-material top. It didn't show the moisture. Spectacular though.

That is expensive tuition for a
put-money-in-meter lesson. Wow.

ol Doc said...

Wow, I've heard of rain coming in vents but never ice!

A friend at work has a young teen daughter who spilled hot chocolate on herself and wound up at the ER on the first day of her Summer vacation. Talk about a bummer of a way to start the school holiday, applying burn salve to tender skin.

Big Ed said...

You know what they say if you spill your drink all over yourself, you have a drinking problem. Luckily, it is not deadly.

Anonymous said...

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