Saturday, May 22, 2010

Time can be too fast, or too slow.

Memorial Day weekend is arriving soon. Mark and I plan to do small projects around the house so we can place a check mark on our 18-year old “To Do List.” I’ll post pictures if all goes well with our projects.

Yahoo, Burn Notice will return on June 3rd, 9 PM and then Mentalist right after. Will my professor understand the urgency of the class hour ending on that particular evening?


RANGER said...

Probably need to record the burned and the mental ones. We watched a recording of the season finale of The Mentalist tonight.

Wasn't as much of a cliff hanger as I expected because P. Jane was alive although possibly mentally disturbed at the end.

Castle and Bones teetered on the cliff edge, too. Are we too much involved in these programs? Nah!

In real life, I had a wonderful day with everyone. Lucrative, too. Reading and coffee are two of my favorite things. Thank you, again.

Zeta said...

You are very welcome! Real life is great.

Bones! That was an exciting finale. Yes, we need more episodes as soon as possible. N.C.I.S. too.

ol Doc said...

To Do List. Hmmm. 18 year old list? Lovin' it!

Suse has a similar list that she started in school. She calls it her bucket list. She's checking stuff off pretty well. I never thought to make such a list when I was her age. Or yours and Marks.

Maybe I need to start one.... Nah, I'll just enjoy hearing you and Suse check off on yours. It's more restful that way!

Zeta said...

A buckt list! I like that.