Monday, April 26, 2010

Caution, it’s hot!

The day seemed pretty normal as we drove to Deli Lane this past weekend to enjoy our breakfast. The street lights were green for most of our drive down US1. We found front row parking right next to the restaurant’s front entrance. We were even offered a table as soon as we walked up to the front desk to issue our name for a table. I mentioned to Mark maybe we should play the lotto that day since we seem to have a streak of good luck. As I glanced at the menu, I noticed my lack of coffee not entering my body and how my brain function seemed pretty good without caffeine. We ordered our food and received our first cups of coffee. My hand hit the spoon resting inside my coffee cup as I reached for a splenda. WOW, I stood straight up after the hot coffee landed in my lap while most of the people around me took a deep breath as they handed me napkins. Some of the napkins had cold water on them and that felt great. One patron yelled at the waitress to get me a punch of napkins quickly. The burning sensation started to ease off as I sat back down in my chair. Mark kept handing me napkins with cold water which felt great on my legs. The lady next to me told me she spilled her drink the evening before all over her dress. I felt a little better, but still embarrassed. Looking back, I wish I would have thanked the people who were very kind to help me. I kept apologizing when I should have said "thank you for your help." The waitress also attends MDC Court Reporting in my night class kept telling me not to worry about it. Our food arrived and I was extremely cautious while drinking my remaining cups of coffee. The coffee will be ready and waiting next Saturday morning before we leave the house for any reason.

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RANGER said...

An IV, right by the bed, would be my preference for ingesting coffee. Just mainline it.

I hope you didn't get burned badly. That sounds so painful.