Monday, March 8, 2010

Your getting sleepy...... Stop, its only one-way.

I’m finding myself fighting sleep at night while waking up earlier in the morning. My eyes were not able to stay open long enough so I could watch the end of the Oscars. The employees talked about who wore what designer gown and whose hair was a bit frizzy at our lunch table. Am I the only person who could not stay awake until midnight? Or am I the only person who actually sleeps longer than I should?

The bridge located on the canal on 89th avenue allows cars to cross over which leads to Sunset Drive. There is a four way stop before and after the bridge. The county placed a curb barrier on the side of the block just after the bridge to slow down cars while diverting the flow of traffic. This means you can only drive out of this block to the bridge, but you can’t drive toward this block. You have to drive around either side of the block to reach the other side. Confused yet? Today while I was stopped at the bridge looking to my left next to the barrier that does not let traffic enter, a car almost hit me head on. He was making a left turn into my single lane were I was stopped. My instant reaction was to hit my horn and move over. The man looked stunned. He couldn’t believe this barrier appeared out of nowhere. His face expression read “it wasn’t there before!” The car behind be backed up. I thought to myself “chicken.” Then I realized he was just protecting his car payments. The man pulled his car off the road and on to the grass while he collected his thoughts.


ol Doc said...

I fully intended to watch the Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Movie - and woke up at midnight, having missed it all. I guess you're not the onliest one to sleep thru Hollywood gala events. I did see some of it.

I recall that bridge to Sunset. Our turn from 247 onto 240 is kind of like that now. A person can get mixed up and turn into the right turn only lane, meeting traffic head on. I did see a truck pulling a trailer use that exit lane by driving the wrong way on it - to make a big circle around and come back out onto 247 to cross over the roadway. My thought, IDIOT - WHAT ARE You THINKING. Oh, wait, You're NOT!

Glad you're okay and nobody locked front bumpers.

RANGER said...

Gee, I have to admit I saw The Oscars finish. The only one of the films I have actually seen is Star Trek. I would like to see The Blindside but think I will give Precious a miss.

BigEd saw Avatar. He said: Eeeh it was okaayy, which surprised me. I understand the 3D version can give headaches because it is so long. No thanks.

That bridge is part of a shortcut from 99th and Sunset to N. Kendall, I think. Have to admit it is now a weird setup. I am glad your horn worked so well. People must have complained about the traffic, or something, to get that lane blocked off.