Sunday, February 21, 2010

Boom, Its Italian

It’s been a long time since I feel down and went boom on the ground as I sprang my ankle. My ankle is healing very well with swelling just once in a while. The small step was hidden in the dark of night just past a flight of stairs. My ankle only had pain that evening despite the small golf ball creeping around my ankle. Yes, this small hidden step will never be forgotten again.
Mark and I went to a spaghetti fund raiser Saturday night for the Marion Center which is the living facility for Kim. Caribbean Cruise Line donated a seven-day cruise for the raffle tickets sold. A Wii Fit game was also donated as raffle prize. Two flower pictures and a few jewelry items as well. The Italian feast was donated along with the cake and wine. A few of the patrons donated their prizes back to the raffle since they were family members of the President. The seven-day cruise was won by the Presidents mom. She donated the cruise to the couple who prepared the donated Italian food from their company. The owners also worked the banquet with their two children and allowed a few of the Marion Center children to help as well. This was the highlight of my evening. You could tell this family worked very hard and were shocked by the nice gesture. We hope they enjoy their seven-day cruise with lots of beautiful pictures. The Wii Fit was won by a happy seven-year old who kept jumping up and down after he won.

A small tribute to Danika Patrick. I was pondering how I was going to keep up with the NASCAR race while I was at the fund raiser. Twitter has a gentleman named Reggie who posts for Dankia while she is racing. So, I tried my luck and sent him a text explaining I will be at a fund raiser and he would please tell me how she is doing. He responded back to me that she was in 16 place during the trials and good luck with the fund raiser. This made my day. I felt as if I was part of the team. She finished 31st and had a few speeding penalties for speeding in the exit end of the crew pits. She didn’t realize she was speeding out of the pits because the orange cone that marks the yellow line had been moved forward for safety reasons. NASCAR also left the original yellow line on the track which was the clue to increase speed. This was the main was the reason for the confusion. Other drivers also received speeding tickets as well. As much as Danika didn’t like the circumstances, this made the race extremely interesting. Thank goodness for U-verse. I recorded the race and tried to watch the race when we returned home. Oh, how I tried to stay awake and watch the race. Needless to say, I watched the full race this morning. :)


RANGER said...

Ohhh, you have U-verse? How niiice.

So how was the food at the fund raiser? That was a great gesture: fund raiser race update. You were multi-tasking

ol Doc said...

How delightful that you were able to keep up (well, not literally!) with Danica while helping a worthy cause.

Hope the ankle improves speedily.

Big Ed said...

Race ya to the... just kidding.

Mark said...

Well this so you know I will be checking your blog every once and awhile!!!!! 143

Zeta said...

The food was pretty good. What I thought was chicken turned out to be veal. The pasta dishes were great. The Marian Center Children had a wonderful time.

Welcome Mark and Thank you.

BigEd, we can meet on I95 and try cruise control racing? We can tell police officer, it was RangerMoms idea?