Sunday, August 2, 2009

Under the weather.

Finally, I'm starting to feel better after an illness that just would not go away without a little help from medication. SO....... now life is starting to feel normal again.

Three more weeks until school starts and boy, I'm glad. Plus, I'm behind on steno homework because my back would not allow me to sit more than five minutes at a time.

We are on our way to Coal Fire Pizza with Ranger and family. Bye.


Big Ed said...

IT was a good time. I enjoyed the day. Nice to get together again. when is the next birthday?

Zeta said...

Good question. Local birthdays in our zip code.... hum, I think its me.

RANGER said...

Ah, so. In our zip code, you have only one additional family member with whom to share the month.

Mommas is smiling at you both, I think.

ol Doc said...

Hmmm- refrain from celebrating outside of one's zip code? I can see the people standing on the roadside holding up their signs...Have car...Will Celebrate...Any Zip Code, Any Time!

Zeta said...

Sure, all zip code family members welcomed. Also includes friends with signs, smiles, and cars.