Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Reading, writing, and no arithmetic.

We have gone from surfing the net to Blogs, Face Book, or Twitter. One of my co-workers had no clue what this sensation was all about. She had heard about these items but had never gone to visit them. She prefers to shop in the mall, take her children to a movies, or watch T.V. Is she challenged by the tasks of computer posting updates, or is she just not interested!

Another co-worker of mine feels obligated to watch her Face Book page all the time. Its not a contract, so I don't worry about what is happening on Twitter or Face Book if I let them slide without updating. One of my favorite tools about writing a blog, is creating a book with factual journeys which may be read later in life by a friend or family member.

Biged wondered if the blogs of today are going to stall or start to not exist. Blogs rock and are great source of therapy. All the therapy sessions are free which is a big perk. One of my college friends moved to back to Tenn; however, when she lived in Miami, she was paid to write a blog for a newspaper. Lets keep reading, lets keep writing, and best of all, lets communicate!

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