Monday, June 29, 2009

What a great mover!

Yahoo.....happy happy joy joy.
Yes, we went to see the movie Star Trek on Saturday evening. The Transformer movie sold out completely while I was standing in line to receive my movie tickets for Star Trek. Suddenly, the long lines were smaller as people walked away and boom, my tickets were in my hand. We walked in the theater and picked out great seats. The theatre did have very few seats left over before the movie begin, but proper planning prevents poor performance. "Will police be able to pull me over while riding a hover craft in the future?"


RANGER said...

Was worth the wait, no? I now want to see the Imax version.

ol Doc said...

Proper planning prevents police pouncing, too. Hovercraft or not.

You can borrow the Back to the Future Skateboard if the Hovercraft is too much.

Zeta said...

The wait was worth the movie. Would a Back to the Future Skateboard out race the Hovercraft?

ol Doc said...

Skateboard would probably come out ahead if Michael J Fox was riding it. He could make it throw sparks on pavement and soar over water. Of course, that was all special effects. In the real world, not so much!