Monday, September 8, 2008

Sun, rain, wind, includes anticipation

We had a wonderful time with my family at the Rock Fish Grill restaurant on Saturday. The shrimp tasted so good and thank you for sharing your plate with us Ranger. My Dad’s steak dinner also looked and smelled awesome. The chef/owner told my Dad he had the same steak cooked the same way for his dinner as well. BigEd passed all of my verbal music quiz questions about song titles and musicians from the stereo system in the restaurant with an A+.
The usual traffic sounds were quiet this morning as I woke up to the smell of coffee. Folks were probably watching the Weather Channel update hoping for the best. Great news for us, but for the people south of us, they are in a bit of trouble.
Looks like college classes will continue as usual tomorrow which is what I was wishing for. A review from my professor would be nice s since there is a computer test on Thursday.
Finger drills, Q. and A. Jury Charge, Lit. and 1500 most common used words in the English language are a few items of my steno homework. Gota go and practice.


RANGER said...

I hope you are getting in some practice time. BigEd went to see Adam today. His phone is on the charger and he was supposed to take mine. We both forgot. Guess I'll see him when I see him.

ol Doc said...

Prayers for Adam. Let him know we're keeping him in mind and also he shouldn't rush getting out of the horse-spit-all. Blood thinners are a good thing.