Thursday, July 31, 2008

A few small notes.

The camera cord for the labtop seems to have an electrical issue which means the pictures I have taken will have to wait until M. gets home from work.

Biged and I went bike riding 7:00 am on Tuesday morning with wonderful cooler weather. It took a few moments for both of us to wake up as we were pulling our transportation off the bike-racks. The green grass and tall trees seem to relax everyone who visits the park. Biged must think I'm silly since I greet the ducks by saying Aflac.

Cat update. Buttons has finally decided to venture from the side door into the house. She looked up the ceiling and around each room she walked into. A little while later, Big Bad Bear Kitty was sitting in the side doorway looking around. Hum, wonder if they brought their ceiling luggage and stashed it somewhere. Mini Me likes to hang out with Body Guard who is currently sleeping on the couch. His luggage stays in the living room most of the time. Starbucks is the name of Buttons baby kitten who is adorable. He likes to hang out with the big kitties and play with Buttons after breakfast.


RANGER said...

Waiting for pictures. Waiting for cats. Waiting. Being patient. Waiting. Cat pictures.

Waiting waiting wait wait waaaa.

ol Doc said...

Isn't it funny when an animal who is used to being outside steps inside and notices the ceiling.

"Whoa, dude - what happened to your SKY!"

Notice how happy most outside kitties are to adapt to the low hanging and oddly colored sky - in exchange for air conditioning/heating.