Monday, June 2, 2008

Chill weedend

M.and I stayed home most of the weekend. M. went to the Gold Coast Museum to help a friend who also volunteers his time. M. even drove the train back and forth on the tracks. He had a great time, plus M. viewed Troop 300 while they were doing an Eagle project for one of the train cars.

My hair appointment was Saturday with Maribel in the afternoon. Maribel and the rest of the Peter on London staff went to a Salon Convention in Tampa. They were very excited since the shop is always closed on Mondays.

The four pictures were taken in St. Augustine during our trip to the beach. There was a fee to walk across the bridge which must be paid at the hotel, so we decided that was not worth all the trouble. The tide was very distant; water was cool to walk in. The bridge poles were covered in beige plastic which was peeling off due to hurricanes and salt.


ol Doc said...

That photo of the bridge makes a dandy desktop. Your camera takes such great photographs...makes you and M. look so good and relaxed. Maybe because you were actually on a vacation in a place you enjoy!

Zeta said...

We also enjoyed out time in Lake City. Driving in Atlanta was a challenge due to the hills and winding roads. Driving in a straight line is does not require as much consentration.

ol Doc said...

In our car, driving on a curving hilly road requires conversation, too! Your momma is a crackerjack hill and curve driver. She like to have scared me to death on some of those Georgia roads!

RANGER said...

I commented and Blogger evidently ate the comment. Or, could I have done something wrong? Yesss, most likely.

Being a photo-phreak, I have to say I loved these. Relax, relax some more, then take pictures of it. Super.

Driving on winding hilly roads? Not so relaxing. But, thanks, 01 doc.

Big Ed said...

Troop 300 is where I got my Eagle Scout award. I wonder where they are meeting now if not at the old church building.