Monday, May 5, 2008

Lake City - more pics

Our first stop of our journey was at Aunt Doc01 and Uncle T's home. To Aunt Doc01 and Uncle T., the pot roast was so delicious. We enjoyed sharing our pictures and talking about our adventures. The views of your property are so beautiful, and peaceful.

Sarah, Mathew and Nathan also welcomed us and we were taught a lesson which blueberries are correct to consume. Richard was at church; however, he also was given the same information about blueberries. Please see Sarah’s blog link on the left-side below for details about Deadly Night Shade. You will also read who actually ate the Deadly Night Shade by mistake. This information could save someone’s life. Nathan and Mathew liked to fold paper airplanes with the help from Uncle T. Mark also joined in showing the boys how to make a captains hat into a tee shirt. We are glad the boys are doing fine now. Starbucks! Yes, we even we even went to Starbucks and enjoyed our no sugar added banana nut bread with our coffee. We felt so welcomed and plan to return in the future.

Congratulations to Richard on your license to go into ministry.


RANGER said...

Now I really wish I had stowed along in your luggage. it is so nice to see everyone decompressing at our favorite coffee house. That new camera rocks.

ol Doc said...

Zeta and M. rock. That new camera merely adds to the zest they bring when they visit. We had a great time and look forward to another visit.