Monday, May 5, 2008

Hard Labor Creek - a grand adventure

Daylin, we hope you foot heals soon!!! She fell while we were picking strawberries and has a bone fracture. Now, for some reason, Daylin does not like to pick strawberries anymore. Daylin is the daughter of Mark and Alicia and she is beautiful. They also have a son named Garrick who has cool eyewear and has a wonderful personality. His picture is above next to the Hard Labor Creek Sign.

These pictures were taken during our BBQ picnic and our fishing trip at the Hard Labor Creek Cabin. Mark, aka first born son, aka Red, cooked a BBQ meal for everyone that tasted sssooo good. Mark and Alicia worked extremely hard to make sure everyone had food, plus a good time. Mark and Alicia also cooked us a grand meal on Friday night. We kept them up until 1:30 am talking and we had a wonderful time. We were able to watch Alicia feed the four horses which was really cool. They also have a beautiful home, and farm with the four horses, two cats, and three dogs. The horses are gorgeous and we also enjoyed playing with their cat Buster. Karma is the name of their second cat, plus I was allowed to pet Karma with permission. Alicia and I rolled Buster's toy across the dinning room floor and into the kitchen. Buster kept up with us and enjoyed the attention. The three dog’s names are Chrome, Spike, and Zenna. Alicia also took care of organizing the cabin so I could go fishing with the rest of the family. I promise to pay you back Alicia. Thank you. :)

We also went to James and Yolanda beautiful home. James aka Red, is the second born son. They have one dog called Mister Mister. JJ (Yolanda and James son) loves to throw a football and ride his bike. Mark (my hubby)and Danielle (Danielle is the daughter of James and Yolanda and she is beautiful) were the only two people who caught fish. Go figure. This was Danielle’s first time and Mark wasn't even trying. JJ fished with his new fishing rod and enjoyed his experience even when the fish took his worm, leaving an empty hook.

In the next few days, we will create a family CoolPix Picture Site and email the password. There are many more pictures to see and its 12:29 am which means, more pictures after I acquire some sleep. From Saint Augustine FL.

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RANGER said...

Daylin's face shows exactly how she feels about having a broken foot. The shots of M and his telephone made me think, oh that's so right!

Everyone looks as if they are enjoying your time together so much.