Sunday, April 20, 2008

Good Morning early balloon risers.

Mark and I went to the Sunrise Community Hot Air Balloon Race 25th Silver Anniversary early, early on Sunday. The balloons had to land at the Kendall Tamiami Executive Airport due to the weather rather than take off from the airport. All the balloon participants drove a few miles away and attempted to hot air balloon back to the airport and throw a bean bag close to an X on the ground. The closet bean bag toss wins $$$$$. In the past, the balloons would leave from Tamiami Airport at the same time and land somewhere else. They would also toss the bean bag near the X on the ground and land close by while their crew waited for them to help load the trailer. Great pictures can be taken when the hot air balloons take off at the same time due to the bright colors and excitement.


ol Doc said...

There are some interesting balloons here, clowns and bunnies and GATOR colors...!!!

Zeta said...

Oh, oh, I was searching for the orange and green colors. Bye bye, Orange Bowl. UM rocks. Steve played the drums for UM for a couple of years while he was attending FIU. He was requested from the Southwest Drumline to UM during recruitments. Wonder what type of instruments Elissa and Steve's child will play?

RANGER said...

How early did you have to get up to be there at sunrise? Wow.

BTW, I did learn how to set my alarm clock so I don't sleep through it, now. Duuh.