Saturday, March 1, 2008

Who ate the salad?

Steve and Elissa bought a custom made blind for the center portion of their patio door window, and he finished the second desk for their office. The window was not your average size so they had to request a special order. All three windows are tented; however, the center portion of the three pane class did not have a blind to close.

One of my co-workers made another co-worker a crab salad thinking she was going to be at work on Friday. Zoe took Friday off so she could study for her LP exam on Saturday. To make a long story short, Jason and I ate the salad. The salad was awesome. The cook, Michele, called earlier not realizing Zoe was off that day and said we could eat the salad. Later in the evening, Zoe called me back and told me it was ok for us to eat the salad after I told her Michele would make her another one. Now Michele has to make Zoe another salad. My bad. It was so good.


RANGER said...

It is possible that the crab salad might have spoiled over the weekend. The way I see it, you and Jason may have saved Zoe's life by not allowing that to happen ... what good friends!

And, did you get the recipe?

ol Doc said...

That answers one of my two main questions in life... Now if I could only find out Who Let Them Dogs Out!

Seriously, did you get the recipe?

ol Doc said...

Who ARE these people who responded to your weblog... advertisers or spammers or just people who set a gopher to tunnel through the internet until they come up with a blog and then post a response that leaves a piece of malware behind? One hesitates to click on anything they post.

Zeta said...

Sure, I can post the recipe on Tuesday after I request the ingredients from Michele. I've washed the containers the salad was transported in and purchased her favorite candy to go along with my confession.

University of Miami let the dogs out. Unfortunately, it was at th e Orange Bowl which no longer exists.

Not sure who the unwelcomed blog people are but if they keep it up, I will REPORT them.

ol Doc said...

What a thoughtful Zeta, washing bowls and purchasing candy... If you ever visit us, I hope you find a salad in my fridge that you want to partake of... you even have permission before-hand!