Sunday, March 30, 2008

Indy Racing League Miami Homestead Speedway

The dark picture is of Mark and I sitting in the press box while Adam took this picture. My wallet has a reporter ID license; however, it is for Court Reporting. Close enough. The other three pictures were taken by Veronica from the fourth level. The score board shows lap number 118 out of 200. The highest IRL aka "I Am Indy," speed was 214 miles per hour.


ol Doc said...

Uncle T watched Homestead racing last weekend. I'll tell him he should'a looked for you guys!

Big Ed said...

The dark picture has a eerily feeling to it as two ghosts look back at ya with burning eyes. hmm

ol Doc said...

Um, I have pictures of glowing eyes - they're what happens when cattle are looking at you in the dusk, when the camera flashes. John Moran took a neat shot of several alligators whose eyes came out glowing, too.