Sunday, February 10, 2008

As requested.

These pictures were taken from my cell phone at Tropical Park when BigEd I went bike riding last week. My camera batteries become useless after twelve pictures are taken. New batteries where purchased at Publix this past Saturday for next weeks bike ride; maybe rechargeable batteries are my best bet. My cell phone is a back up with fair quality pictures. The bronze stature shows a boy holding a rose as he places his hand on the mans shoulder to console him. This area is dedicated to all of the police officers who had fallen in the line of duty in Dade County.

The lake shot was taken as I was driving out of the park. Yes, I stopped the car first before I took the picture.

The blue water bottle resting on the handle bars of my bike was full of cold water and ice. BigEd knows where all the cold water fountains are located throughout the entire park. The bike rides are so relaxing as the wind hits our faces, birds fly around us, and squirrels wonder where our food may be located.


ranger said...

This is a fast response to 01 Doc's picture request. The scenery you ride through is better than the surroundings for my own rides. But I don't encounter much wind resistance :Ð

Big Ed's water bottle is drying on the countertop, right now.

Big Ed said...

Yes, when the wind is against us, expecially a hard wind, you can feel the burn. Thank goodness for insulated water bottles.

ol Doc said...

This brings back fond (???!) memories of Ranger and ol' Doc riding their bikes up to the park - back in the day. Of course, we had to start with short trips and work our way up to Tropical Elementary first!