Thursday, January 3, 2008

Let the sunshine in, please.

CCCooollldd is the key word this morning with the temperature stuck on 39. We tropic people prefer flip flops and shorts. My jacket is resting in back of my closet. Boots are on the top shelf accompanied by my black scarf.

S. and E. have moved more of their belongings to their condo. After S. buys two desks for their office, he will move his computer. S. can access his computer from anywhere so it’s not like he can't use it. Wonder if he got to work on time today due to the cold weather. Ah, he loves this weather since his body has a build in portable heater.


Ranger said...

I had to peel myself like an onion when I came home because I was dressed in so many layers. The house is much more comfortable now that I'm not attired for life in the Arctic.

In weather like this, I envy S his built in heater.

Big Ed said...

I'm a little hefty so, I have a warm resistance to the weather. I fall apart easily in warmer weather. Still, I like the warmer temperatures so I can wear my summer gear. I'm not used to the winter. Down here there are usually twenty days of cold. The rest of the weather is more reasonable. As long as the AC is working.

OL Doc said...

LOL at onion peeling image! This Saturday A.M. it was 42 degrees when we went to Wally-World - wearing short sleeve tops, long pants and a sweater (me) and zipper jacket (him). Forecast is for mid-70 highs all week and balmy is a good thing!