Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday to David Nelson

Hi David,

It was nice hearing from you today. We all hope you had a nice quiet birthday and a Merry Christmas. Do you remember where this picture was taken? To Aunt Doc01, this is the young man who is in the Airforce.


ol Doc said...

Merry Christmas and where was the picture taken? Did David recall it? It looks like an Indian pattern on the rug... hotel?, airport?, bank building?

It looks like everyone had a grand time at the Christmas Eve party - at least according to all the smiling faces in those pictures.

Zeta said...

David should remember where this picture was taken? He told me it was difficult to reach a computer stationed in Mexico. If my memory serves me right, this may have been one of the band banquets at a hotel downtown Miami. Maybe the James L. Night Center?

Zeta said...

Aunt Doc 01 Merry Christmas.

ol Doc said...

Hey, Zeta - righ back at you and wishing all a Happy New Year as well.